Obesity and Anxiety

Compulsao Alimentar

That’s one of most worrying status many people have been crossing on their lives due to many factors that prevent them to have a high lifestyle due to the life’s complexity that affects the population of the world in an overwhelming way.
According to the principle Mens sana in corpore sano, we may say that the obesity and anxiety are both the result of a wrong way of living given by the unbalance in their daily lives people have been submitted caused by impotence’s feelings to solve the growing of common problems of money issues, environmental troubles, political disturbances, accidents, wars, intolerance in many degrees, illnesses in crescent number, corruption, drugs, and violence worldwide.

These are the greater hardships of the real world affecting the physical body’s health through a high amount of maladies. The human beings absorb the outcomes brought forth by the uncertainties of life and can’t keep healthy life habits causing many times devastating mental effects of hard healing.
There is an imperious need to generate some kind of protection mechanisms by which such imbalance may be set aside.

It is possible to take action against this situation through a high mindset and positive thought by means a dynamic process creating a protective shield to manage what is going on. That is the best attitude may be taken to alleviate the consequences of such suffering, that in the most of the cases can’t be repaired only through medicines. That’s the big problem involving obesity and anxiety by which many people sometimes don’t know how to handle by themselves.

It’s very common when after a stressing work day people eat candies, cakes and ice creams due to a compulsive anxiety provoked by the excitement of the day. When it happens many times during a determined period of time, a bad habit may be emerging through an unaware way.

When people eat compulsively they prefer food with high content of sugar and fat getting a well-being sensation, due to the releasing of serotonin, a neurotransmitter substance of the brain and central nervous system. The picture worsens with the weight gain and inability to reverse the effect, generating the disease through continued habit.
Checking the weightOn account of this, the frustration appears and further increases the anxiety leading people to eat again. This is a sufficient condition for the increase in blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol and other signs that the health begins to collapse.

At the beginning of the process, it’s possible that people realize what is going on and get healing on their own, but this is very difficult. In any case, this is the first step to healing, but almost always it requires external help because people get confused due to disastrous emotions and actions, requiring follow-up and correct medication prescribed by a nutritionist.