About Me



Hey, people!

I am a Chemical Engineer and petroleum is my work field. At the same time, I have always had worries about how people may live in a better way according to the motto “Mens sana in corpore sano”.

I steadily believe that the most precious resource people have to command their well-being living with health is inside themselves and this free treasure may be got through reason simply learning how to frame right thoughts and developing healthy habits. These two actions are the secret of living in high lifestyle picture, that is, all of us behave in such way that all sort of illnesses, diseases, and bad health manifestations are the result of our wrong way to live and feel what happens around.

Medicines and vitamins help to heal the body but not the soul and it is the essence of life because the suffering of the body begins inside the soul. The body is the mirror of the soul.

I thank in advance all people who want or desire to make their suggestions on these ideas, through “Comments” section at this site.

Karl Madek