Anxiety and Phobias – Getting rid of

Ever since the earliest days of humanity, the approach of predators and incoming danger has settled down alarms in the body, allowing people for taking evasive action against the hazard. These indications become perceptible in the form of a raised heartbeat, sweating, and increased sensitivity to surroundings, making people feel overwhelmed and stressed due to the loss of control.

Being anxiety and phobias mental illnesses, the proactive therapy prescribed for those symptoms comprehend the applying of a wholesome mindset through the right use of the inner force people have within themselves, through healthy and salutary thoughts. People must take this valuable decision to turn their lives for the better. Life changes from the moment on people get engaged in such commitment.

This powerful choice becomes ailing people more confident, productive, healthier, and stronger. Such disturbances are installed in the soul and mind, not in the physical body. It is essential for the triumph in this treatment, the family and friend’s upholder and encouragement.

The physical body shows off merely what is going inside. The matter is the mirror of the soul. Pills and drenches alleviate the physical symptoms; the healing process operates in the soul. It is not an easy procedure. Only with rigid discipline and positive stances, it is possible to get success in such picture.

Anxiety and phobias revolve around work, money, health, and other crucial issues that demand a person’s attention. The adrenaline level boost in such moments is known as the ‘fight-or-flight’ response; it is essential to survival. It prepares people to confront or flee any threats to safety physically. Commonly, after finishing the danger, the body releases hormones to help muscles relax, alleviating the stress of the moment, generating some involuntary shake.

Such disturbances are the most common mental illnesses affecting children and adults. Their symptoms are fear, worry, nervousness, and apprehension; these, once established, do not go away and can get worse over time. It can influence the people and their families’ lives to the extent that it can interfere with daily activities like school, work, and relationships.

Worries, fears, and intrusive thoughts that are extreme, unrealistic, or exaggerated, hurt the way of living severely. Disarranged and intrusive thoughts characterize obsessive and compulsive behaviors, promoted by such disorders, triggering uncontrollable and damaged patient’s demeanors.

Persistent and excessive fear of specific situations, such as flying, heights, animals, toilets, or seeing blood, may create an immediate fear response or panic attack, through great turmoil. Usually, this feeling is disproportionate to the actual danger due to a given stressing situation.

Commonly, people with such disturbances do not recognize their fears as excessive or unreasonable. Unlike the brief anxiety, people may feel when giving a speech or taking a test, such specific phobias are long lasting, causing intense physical suffering and psychological reactions. It affects people’s ability to function normally at work, at school or in social settings. Happily, several therapies are available that can help people in their daily lives work through and overcome their fears.

While struggling with symptoms of anxiety or phobias, people feel alone and misunderstood. This sensation is not experienced by others, implying that those may not understand what is going on. Being in a crowd of people, not feeling able to wash their hands after meeting a new person, or driving through the street where they got in a car accident can be stressing occurrences for those with anxiety or phobia derangements.

Generally, adopted medication in the medical treatment involves psychoactive substances such as antidepressants, tranquilizers, and anticonvulsants, including among them Lexapro, Prozac, Seroxat, Manerix, Valium, Buspirone, and Xanax, beyond of psychotherapy acting in the emotional response to these mental disturbances.

Most such drugs have side effects like dizziness, tingling, upset stomach, nervousness, and headaches. Some beta-blockers such as Propanolol, actuate by isolating the neurotransmitter epinephrine – adrenaline, decreasing the force of heart muscle contraction, reducing blood pressure; it raises the diameter of the blood vessels causing more substantial blood flow. Usually, it induces sleep problems and nightmares.

Due to the effects people have on the heart and blood pressure, they should stop taking the treatment gradually, by slowly reducing the dose, under medical attendance. Such medication may generate dependence on patient’s metabolism, through risks for their health. Commonly when feeling anxious, people do not have control over their mind or their body’s reaction to stress.

Patients need the family support for overcoming such disturbances actively, but they do not perceive the occurrences for themselves. That is the main reason by which family’s members must learn that people have within the great force capable of winning all sort of fear and worries. They must consistently teach such enlightened ideas and healthy thoughts to the patients, making them value their opinions, attitudes, and choices, awakening the giant within. In any situation, people are the outcome of their ideas, postures, beliefs, and options.

Knowing and practicing how to access their most deep resources, they will work wonders. Soon, good times come along. That is the way!

12 thoughts on “Anxiety and Phobias – Getting rid of”

  1. An interesting and informative site. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
    Have you investigated CBD as an adjunct to other treatments for anxiety and phobias?
    I’m not saying it’s the answer to everything but anecdotal evidence suggests it could have a place. (Just in case you’re interested)
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Dear Thomas,

      First off, I kindly ask you to forgive me due to the lateness in replying to you. I am immensely grateful for your feedback and suggestion. Among the right medication prescribed, CBD may help since that happens under rigid dosage and qualified medical control. I say that because of people and society in many countries are not yet prepared to be treated with this possibility.
      Furthermore, such mental disturbances should be faced through the right thoughts driven to change the people’s mindset for healthy and salutary life’s conditions. Mental illnesses emerge due to the unfortunate way of living, including drug addiction. These are growing through a disorderly and unprecedented scale throughout the world, in an alarmingly way. Despite this sad picture, CBD’ use may be tried, provided therapeutic dosages are applied under clinical supervision.
      I heartily thank you for your contribution, and I got pleased with your support. Wish you the Best,

      Karl Madek

  2. Dear Madek,

    I really enjoyed reading through this blog post article of yours.
    Its true that Psychology is the least understood subject in the world and most often the one people feel dangerous to teach.
    Its true that mental health needs to be top priority for everyone, not just parents, but for the family as well.
    Anxiety is tough to beat because environmental factors come into place.
    For example, a child would not want to move to a different school in a different city just after completing elementary school and go into middle school and be transferred somewhere else, start from scratch, begin a new and make new friends or to be left alone and pretend everything is okay when they come home when deep down they have a hard time pondering how not to upset parents also with the new relocation. Learning disabilities can be carefully watched and monitored too, but emotion plays a big role as well.

    There are people that need to be on meds if they are ill, but how their body adapts to it depends on how much the dosage needs to be also.

    In the case of say autism, there are meds that can help control a certain part of the behavioral problems.

    Homeopathy meds are ones that may have a slight odor and some may not want to take it, but it is a type of medicine that causes no side effects. However, sometimes the smell can cause a bit of dizziness. So, proceed with caution.

    Nowadays, people feel rushed to make a decision, when they need to relax and take things slow and easy, a simple exercise can be to take a walk, talk humbly, get rid of things in a home that causes anxiety build up, starting a music therapy class can be fun or even art class on how to express oneself in terms of getting people to be more sociable can help also. Being openminded is something that is completely rare in our world, but the more a person opens up about something, the more confidence can build up to share and feel comfortable that they are being heard also.

    Take it from me a person who suffered depression because I didn’t know what I wanted to make of myself when launched in the medical field of what was curable and what wasn’t. I hated reading books of how children when young had to be taken from their families to fight in a war and lose all forms of contact with their parents.

    I never liked seeing that being a common trend in high school, enlist in the army and then die protecting someone else’s freedom.

    Please feel to write more blog articles like these in the future and I pray that many come contacting you for personal help and assistance also.

    Wishing you all the best with your online success and futuristic endeavors,

    1. Dear Angel,

      I am immensely grateful for your valuable feedback and helpful contribution. Usually, almost all medications used in mental illnesses’ treatment bring some side effects and hard outcomes. Commonly it occurs in large-scale because of pills and drenches cannot heal what is going inside. They actuate just on the physical body, being the matter the mirror of what is going on in the soul. The physical body shows out what is happening within. Mental illnesses are the result of a detrimental and destructive way of living. The healing process may relief people just when their mindset starts changing around for the better, and it is not an easy task.
      The primary step needed to allow the healing process’ stimulus dwells in replacing sick and fear thoughts for stronger and healthier ones. It happens because people are the result of their ideas, beliefs, attitudes, and feelings. While children, people need the real comprehension of parents who should be able to teach and induce in their minds healthy and bright thoughts, capable of awakening the inner force people they have within.
      Ever since, at least supposedly people should accept all the changes along their lives, knowing how to master their reason and feelings, with encouragement, understanding that the resources that allow being successful are inside, and it is needed to put them in action. Usually, people should be capable of being supportive to the life’s troubles, for themselves.
      Unfortunately, in some cases as autism and other syndromes, people are defenseless about may happen along their lifetime, needing help from family and friends to face their life’s routine. Without wanting to digress about spiritual subjects, I should say that in the Universe nothing happens by chance, and there are many things in the people’s lives of hard explanation. Admittedly, there is a reason for that! People are not on this Earth planet for nothing! Why? People do not know, exactly. That is another area to be discussed. It is possible to talk about later.
      People submitted to mental disorders such as anxiety, phobias, bipolar disorders and such disturbances, including drug addiction, do not perceive what is going on within and need outside help. It consists of attendance of family and friends, including proper clinical assistance, being this essential for the patients’ retrieval.
      Hope this content may be useful. I heartily thank you for your support. Wishing you the Best,

      Karl Madek

    1. Dear Eva,

      You are quite right. People need to educate themselves through the change of their mindset, reasoning with valuable thoughts of courage and determination, creating healthy conditions for alleviating de hardships of life. Knowing that people have the power to overcome the troubles, it is just a matter of time for making things better. Salutary thoughts and valuable habits and attitudes become the life healthier and more productive. People are what they think!
      Feel free to keep in touch when you want. You are ever welcome. Wishing you the Best,

      Karl Madek

    1. Great, Eva!

      I am immensely grateful for your valuable feedback and helpful insight. This website is showing people to turn their lives around for the better through healthy thoughts and beliefs, developing good habits and attitudes. People have the resources needed to have their lives enhanced, since that they apply the inner force they have within, bringing back the lost health in the struggles of the survival. The physical body is the mirror of what is going inside, in the soul. People are the outcome of their thoughts, ideas, feelings, decisions, and attitudes.
      I got pleased with your support. Wish you the Best!

      Karl Madek

  3. Brilliant article Karl! True you can’t overstate the importance of support from friends and family in getting over anxieties. What most people need and fail to get in these circumstances is genuine concern and support and this becomes an ugly vicious circle that affected people get sucked into.

    1. Hey, Josh!

      I kindly ask you to forgive me for the lateness in replying to you. Such mental illnesses, anxiety, and phobias are the result of which many people are facing during their lives. Today, there is a great unbalance in the world, as a result of the complexity in various aspects of life. Throughout there are violence, unemployment, and corruption. This picture creates uncertainties, fears, and worries, causing an uncontrollable growth of mental disturbances in crescent scale in the people’s lives. The best way of living well consists in thinking better and big because through healthy and wholesome habits and good thoughts it is possible to bring back the health, strengthening the free will and the mindset. People are what they think!
      I got genuinely pleased with your support. Feel free to keep in touch when you want. Wish you the Best!

      Karl Madek

  4. Anxiety, depression, fear…. these are all conditions that thankfully now are getting their due exposure, debunking the myth that “you’re crazy” and “you should keep it to yourself.”

    God bless you for being one to spread the word and awareness of these VERY serious issues. People aren’t crazy, there’s no need to isolate.

    1. Hey, Holly!

      You rock! I am immensely grateful for your valuable and encouraging feedback. People have within the high power to overcome all the setbacks they have in their lives. Thoughts are everything, and people are the outcome of their beliefs, choices, attitudes, and ideas. People are what they think. Wish you cheers and happiness!

      Kind regards,
      Karl Madek

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