Awaken the Giant Within

Subconscious 1According to the bestseller from Anthony Robbins, “Awaken the Giant Within”, the most important agent for overcoming struggles or conflicts including all sort of diseases in our lives is not out but within ourselves. This element is our inner or subconscious mind and it acts through a very subtle way. However, it may become people stronger or weaker depending in both cases on their limiting beliefs.

If the more remedies and doctors we have the more illnesses and diseases appear, then something very weird is happening. Somehow there is a hard combination of circumstances showing us that only the physical treatment for maladies is not enough for performing the healing process. It means clearly that when the body becomes sick, usually the root of such disorder is inside, in the soul and not on the physical body. Through this situation, the body just reflects what is going wrong within.

Then subconscious 4what should we do for getting better results in our health through the available resources we may choose for the right application of the healing process? Surely the most important change we need to learn is how to manage our limiting beliefs. The great majority of people don’t know the strong and powerful force they have inside themselves and how to use it for getting a better and healthy life. Everyone in the world needs to learn how to make it through generating conditions that may allow all of us to have soul and body invigorated.

2 thoughts on “Awaken the Giant Within”

  1. A great post! That’s why it’s important to have a time every morning for yourself, self meditating, reading scriptures, praying, and daily affirmations. Pick an affirmation and write it on a card (the size of a business card), carry it with you so you can refer back to throughout your day; giving your brain positive thoughts throughout the day!

    Thanks for sharing this post

    1. Dear Cora,

      You are quite right! Affirmations constitute a great way to start thinking big and turn the people’s lives around for the better. Watching and improving their thoughts, people get healthier and stronger; they are the effect of their feelings, choices, attitudes, and beliefs. That is a wholesome way of living.
      Many thanks for your valuable support. Wish you the Best!

      Karl Madek

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