Depression Issues

dep1The stress of modern life motivated by economic and political instabilities, familiar conflicts, drugs use and violence growing, unemployment, environmental and money questions has caused severe derangements on people lives worldwide.

It evinces disturbances on the physical body, mainly through depression symptoms, a common mental disorder that produces with depressed mood, loss of interest or pleasure, decreased energy, feelings of guilt or low self-worth, disturbed sleep or appetite, and poor concentration. Moreover, depression often comes with symptoms of anxiety.

These problems can become chronic or recurrent and lead to substantial impairments in an individual’s ability to take care of people everyday day dep15responsibilities. At its worst, depression can lead to suicide. Almost 1 million lives are lost yearly due to suicide, which translates to 3000 suicide deaths every day.

People who are severely depressed may become worried about death and some morose topics. For example, they insist on talking about suicide ideas and themes related to, and may also become more likely to take uncalculated risks, harming not just themselves but their whole family and even others around.

Commonly, as an effect of such tribulation, individuals who have depressing behaviors present slow production in neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, melatonin and noradrenaline, all them responsible for controlling pain modulation and emotional balance in neurons and brain. This instability stimulates in the body reactions featured by sadness, apathy, lack of motivation, low concentration, pessimism, and insecurity, generating fear and uncertainties on the life.

Therefore, the cause of so much stress and increasing difficult to managing time and life itself resides in mind, the physical body the cause of so much stress and increasing difficult to managing time and life itself resides in mind, the physical body a4reflecting what is going inside. Many times, people submitted to high pressure and stress on their lives, become tense, angry and violent, even with those more loved ones.

It causes many disarranges on their relationships with the loss of reason, through negative thoughts and the wrong use of words, creating hard situations of painful repair,  bringing many repentances, regrets, and depression.

Words can injure egos and inflame hearts. People can instantly change any emotional experience simply by choosing new words to describe to themselves what they are feeling. When, however, they fail to master words, and allow their selection to be oriented strictly by unconscious habit, the whole experience of life degenerates, because people with poor vocabulary live an impoverished emotional life.

Consciously controlling people lives, it needs to evaluate and improve a consistent vocabulary deliberately to make sure that it is pulling people in thedep11 desired direction instead of that which people have to avoid.

Individuals who have negative thoughts and sleep tiny may worsen and set up pre-existing conditions for the illness development. The lack of sleep triggers organic difficulties causing irregularities for the organisms programmed to operate during the day and night through light and dark sensations, mainly among the youth people.

While sleeping, the body releases hormones and the brain activity manages temperature alterations for allowing good fulfillment when awaken. Nowadays, with the life excitation and such stimulus as cell phones, computers, and television, sleeping have been left to the second plane

It is a need that people learn how to control their thoughts, since through ill feelings people not only convey but also pick up, with the same intensity, dep13affinitive thoughts, and their devastating effects, whether they like it or not. Such currents produce the most severe damages consisting of physical as well as psychic disturbances. That is why it is of utmost importance to use the power of thought for good.

The power of thought associated with determination is essential for good making decisions. Thoughts of fear and indecision lead to failure. Reasonably positive thinking should always prevail, and since it happens, it is paramount the family and qualified practitioners help to overcome this sadness condition.

Some medicines such as Celexa, Zoloft, Effexor, and similars may contribute to the healing process of the physical body just when the mental state of unhealthy people awaken to the real healing process, understanding that it is upon themselves. The cure resides in mind, and if the mental healthy has not established, the physical body can not react to the treatment success, because of the most important factor for the health restoration, is a good will and dep12desire of the weak people for getting vigorous.

We live in a society that places utterly no value on human interaction. The overwhelming attitude of most people is an excessive consumption and fostering an unquenchable thirst for more. The one avenue that most of us have in the pursuit of this is through work. Lots and lots and lots of work. For good or for bad or for worse, that is the sole avenue of self-worth for people in such situation.

Usually, people may have some kind of existential crisis any moment in their lives, feelings that many times are provoked by the fact that every people will dep6one day die, understand that their days on this planet comprehend a program execution.  It is a terrifying question, and different people have attempted to answer it in a variety of ways, even including in themselves the signs of depression such as manic symptoms.

From the beginning of time, people have asked themselves the existential question, “If I am doomed to die, what is the point of my life?” Those who are deeply religious deny there is an existential crisis because faith brings with it the achievement of an after-life. For these people, life is not limited but continues for all eternity.

Many triggers can take you over the edge, including stress and personal issues. Sudden, drastic changes in your life, such as the death in the family, marital separation or divorce, the loss of a job, incarceration or personal injury candep24 result in emotional overload and overwhelming feelings of helplessness. Unexpected environmental challenges, such as extreme weather or natural disasters, can also make you feel like you are experiencing a personal crisis.

The outward effects that someone demonstrates are related to the severity of the crisis and the person’s capacity for coping with personal troubles. It is important does not minimize crisis due to behaviors or assume they are something that can be corrected quickly.

Often, crises happen without warning, and the best thing people should do to prepare those involved consists in the creation of an emergency plan for applying to everyone you selected and may help in case of need.


14 thoughts on “Depression Issues”

  1. I have previously suffered with depression myself actually and being a young teen with it, it was very overwhelming and upsetting. Sometimes you’re not sure why you are feeling a certain way which is the hardest!

    I want to thank you for this post especially as it’s good to get advice out there to people who may need it.I feel like this is a step towards fighting the stigma.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

    1. Hey, Jake!

      I feel great with your comments. Like you, many people still suffer with depressive states. It is critical for everybody to know that the cure is entirely possible, since that people decide for themselves that the reaction is inside, in the soul and mind. Medicines only don’t bring the healing process, because people need awaken themselves through family and friends help, applying positive thoughts and feelings and changing old limiting beliefs for new and believable ones. Keep moving forward, don’t look back. Cast a glance on the site once in a while. It will be systematically updated with new articles and posts, despite I have started it recently. Cheers!


  2. Thanks for the post. It’s really important for people to keep talking about mental health issues, and continue to de-stigmatize them. So many criminals at the root of their issues experience crippling depression and anxiety that’s gone untreated for years. I personally have lost a loved one to suicide, which happened in part due to his untreated depression and OCD. I think medication generally is a good idea, but as you state, it’s only the beginning: lifestyle changes and relationship work are the harder tasks. But it’s easier to address those things with improved brain chemistry, which comes from the medication.

    1. Hey, Penelope!

      I feel great with your kind comments! You’re right, medicines help, but they don’t reach the root of the problem. The most of the time it’s on the mind and soul. That’s the main reason by which the family and friends help may contribute to start the healing process.
      I will follow you at WA, and if you don’t mind, come with me on my G+ account through
      Wish you all the best.

      Karl Madek

  3. Hello Madek.
    Its a pleasure to read your post , so many people suffer with this it is so cruel as it eats at you until you hit rock bottom.
    My sister has hit rock bottom with depression in the past and it is not a nice place to be, luckily enough we pulled her through it ,but that does not mean it wont happen again.
    Everybody suffers at some stage in there life, some not too bad and some really bad.
    I like the way you have explained all the anxiety problems .
    Very informative and really good for people to understand depression.

    1. Hey, Sharon!

      I appreciated a lot your kind comments. Hope these articles may help people understand how to confront better this disturbance. Usually, medicines may improve the picture, but they aren’t themselves enough to start the healing process, because the sickness is within, in the mind and soul. For this reason, help from family and friends are always welcome becoming the sick person wishful to react and awake. Just the patient may launch out this curing process perceiving that the force to get it is inside.
      I wish you all the best. Cheers!

      Karl Madek

  4. It’s really sad to see that so many people take their own lives every day because of depression! I to suffered from this disease, and didn’t even know it. A family member picked up on my slightly reckless behavior and drinking more when I went out. I also noticed my personality had changed slightly and was quick to tell someone to jump if they annoyed me!
    I did listen and went to my medical practitioner, and he diagnosed me with having depression. It took me a long time to adjust my thought patterns to being more positive with the help of medications.
    Thanks to the help I received from all family members, I don’t think those negative thoughts anymore and hate to think where the path would have led me if I didn’t listen…
    By reading your post on depression, I now realize there are many forms this sometimes crippling disease can have.
    Very best regards, Jeff.

  5. Karl this is a very similar article yo one of yours I commented on before. Although you make some valid points sometimes, you fail to back snything you are saying with facts. Eceryrjing is opinion.
    I am still amazed at the way you treat Cannabis. Please show me the research for your opinions on marijuana.

    1. Hey, Dennis!

      I believe in the CBD’s usage as an alternative treatment for some maladies, when using in the middle of educated and civilized communities. However, its use should still be restricted for obvious reasons in countries in which people have not any awareness about how to apply it as a medicament. For the future, it could be utilized actually with this aim.

      What we see today in Brazil and other countries from South America and Africa, where a great parcel of people live in shantytowns in extreme poverty and many don’t have money enough even for their daily needs and eating. These communities don’t afford their pull through itself. In this middle where misery and ignorance reign, people don’t have a developed consciousness for what is good or wrong. In third world countries, the most population didn’t have culture enough, health and developed the technology. In there, not just cannabis but many kinds of other drugs have been used freely in an indiscriminate way, so that with their use, people have been brought to their addicted families an ignominious life full of physical and psychic illnesses and disturbances.

      That’s what has been turning out these days when people just look for immediate sensations without thinking about what happens next. Then, once they go through drugs, they lose the reason and the capability of discerning what is right or not for them, falling deeply in a way without back anymore, becoming addicted, committing all sort of brutal crimes and delicts, without knowing what they are doing.

      It is known that such picture also happens to rich people, not only inside poor communities. Unfortunately, the addiction is also met them. What a pity! Valuable lives from intelligent and high educated people who could turn life for the better over the world are thrown away on behalf of the ghastly drug addiction. It is too sorrowful! How long will this untoward situation continue yet?

      What I want to show on this post is the great tragedy people have been got through the unbridled drug consumption. In Canada, the US and other countries with a high cultural degree, drugs may be applied as medicament through appropriated dosage, as indeed it is happening nowadays. Unluckily, it doesn’t still happen over the world as a real possibility at least for a while. That’s the point!

      Onward and upward,
      Karl Madek

  6. Pingback: Tracy Glastrong
    1. Dear Tracy,

      Depression is a complex outcome of the poor life’s quality we all are subjected to these days. That is a mental disorder and rooted in the soul. The best way of to get rid of it is learning how to master our thoughts for the good and health. People who have negative feelings may worsen and set up pre-existing conditions for the illness development. That is the reason by which the families at home must control and watch their thoughts, keeping them active and elevated. This procedure helps and protects their most loved ones, allowing them to have a wholesome lifestyle.
      Keep in touch when you want. The Best for you!

      Karl Madek

    2. Dear Tracy,

      I appreciated your position, and I thank you for the feedback. Usually, mental illnesses are related to mental health because as a rule, good health and longevity are found among individuals who are calm, orderly and patient, who follow a regular pattern of life, who do not allow themselves to be overrun by the whirling of society, and who are not claimed simultaneously by a multiplicity of demands. Depression often comes with symptoms of anxiety, many times due to the turbulence of the life. The cure is possible when people learn to have healthy thoughts and a balanced life. In the retrieval, it is of utmost value the friends and family help.
      I wish you the Best,

      Karl Madek

  7. I came across your post and I just wanted to say you have done a great job here.
    I suffered from a serious depression a few ago with contributing factors of my Father passing away, going through a divorce, and changing careers, all at once. I was up and down for almost 2 years but luckily was able to pull myself out.
    I think this article could help many people and I congratulate you on your work throughout this website.
    All the best.

    1. Howdy, Wayne!

      I am immensely grateful for your feedback and insight. People have many setbacks in their lives, and it is common for everybody. But even the worse happenings may be overcome through positive thoughts and wholesome habits. If people don’t know how to master their thoughts, ideas, and beliefs, they get depressed, discouraged, and this situation is aggravated being the health damaged; in such cases, mental disturbances start coming within. In the beginning, the process is slow, later stronger and entirely out of control. The best protection people may get in such cases is through active, healthy and clear thoughts. It is possible if people learn to get rid of limiting beliefs, unhappy and dangerous thoughts involving settled ideas because these bring depression, hallucinations, and severe mental disturbances. Usually, getting rid of such illnesses is apparently not easy. Mentally affected people don’t recognize their sad condition and many times friends and family support, including medical assistance, help too much the recovery process, so allowing that the healing process may take over.
      People are the outcome of their thoughts, habits, choices, beliefs, and actions. The way of thinking is the key to solve all the situations in which people are submitted. That is the way! Thinking means reasoning, creating images, conceiving ideas, building for the present and the future. Like sound and light, the thoughts travel all over in energetic and vibratory waves which are recorded in the infinite ocean of matter filling the Universe.
      Feel free to keep in touch when you desire. It is always a great pleasure to me. Wish you the Best!

      Karl Madek

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