Drugs. Why?

Nowadays, the typical worldwide situation is getting highly critical. This is, at least partially, due to globalization generated imbalance. Globalization accompanied by its technological development has introduced or increased, many social disturbances including unemployment, violence, prostitution, drug smuggling, environmental and money issues.drug1

Many times, the hidden enemy appears amongst friend groups through peer pressure from young people. Parents and authorities have the feeling that it is a trouble that is getting each time of harder and expensive solution.  The population needs to learn how to deal with these challenges that are beating the world through the penury reality existing in several spots and communities.

Usually, addiction can occur at any age, but almost always it starts among the youthful. When continuing to use drugs despite harmful consequences, people could be addicted. “You’re only as good as the company you keep,” and in reality, that statement is right.
Constantly health specialists advise population about addiction to the great variety of drugs, alcohol, mental health issues and the combination of all these issues, helping and warning people about how to prevent drug addiction. The genetic vulnerability to one drug or mental disorder may enhance the risk of others.
Drug use and mental health concerns have many causes such as biological factors, family and social issues, lack of social support, as well as stress, may have the relevant role in inducing people to develop the drug and mental problems.
drug8Abuse and addiction are defined differently. A person who uses drugs heavily and abruptly stop is considered to be abusing drugs. Addiction always occurs if the body requires more drugs to stop withdrawal symptoms.

Negative influence due to peer pressure to consume drugs is high and standard in the middle of young people. The common template among them involves consumption of drugs, being this picture highly influential for others. Any deviate from the rules can be unpleasant for many of them.drug11

Commonly, girls report deplorable incidents in which they have been compelled to uncomfortable intimidation by others. They get stared down while walking in the middle of a crowded hall lined with people making derogatory comments.

Drugs such as Oxycontin, Percocet, Vicodin, Codeine, Adderall, Ritalin or Xanax have been sold freely, without a doctor’s prescription.  How come? Society and authorities know about this and nothing have been done to avoid this collapse. Why?

drug2Ceaseless, news media reports on teen issues such as drugs, drinking, pregnancy, gangs, violence in the schools, sexually transmitted diseases, poverty, racism, running away, suicide, illiteracy, and so on, not there being any expectation to stop this unfortunate reality at least a short term.

Alcohol consumption provokes symptoms of anxiety and depression. Most people drink alcohol because they think it helps them relax when they are in social situations, such as parties, where they feel nervous and awkward. Unfortunately, even though alcohol might make a person feel better in the beginning, but if they keep drinking, it makes their problems worse.

Through the use of cannabis very unpleasant psychological effects are experienced, like severe anxiety or panic reactions. At high doses, confusion, dep9delusions, and hallucinations may also occur. These symptoms are more likely to be felt by people who are not used to the effects of cannabis or who have smoked more than they usually do.

Marijuana use may rekindle psychotic symptoms in users who have a mental disorder but were no longer having symptoms. It may also be a trigger in individuals with a predisposition for schizophrenia for their first psychotic experience.
drug6Having a family history of mental illness should cause a person to think twice before using marijuana. However, even where there are no known mental illnesses in a family, cannabis can still trigger psychosis. If people choose to use marijuana, it would be better to use a less concentrated version, not having it as a habit.

Besides cannabis, ecstasy is much utilized in the world. Its use has increased over time, especially amongst teenagers and young adults. The active ingredient in ecstasy is 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine – MDMA. Ecstasy is a stimulant and causes interferences on the alternate way of serotonin, a neurotransmitter, and essential hormone, into the brain.

Ecstasy use produces some short-term effects including euphoria, feelings of drug12well-being, closeness with others, as well as a sense of increased confidence and heightened senses, for some people, it has also been associated with a “hangover effect” that can last for days after using it. These symptoms include loss of appetite, insomnia, depression, muscle aches and difficulty concentrating.

Searches show that ecstasy may not be as innocuous as users believe and are directly responsible for a range of short and long-term psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, paranoia, psychotic problems, panic attacks and bulimia.

drug4Heroin users are more likely than their peers to die from suicide being induced to attempt it. It is not surprising to find out that the more different types of drugs people take, the greater their psychological distress tend to be.

Individuals with more severe anxiety, depressive and personality disorders tend to use a broad range of drugs to relieve their suffering. While anxiety and depression may have been problems for many people before they developed heroin dependency, the anxiety and depression they feel may just be a part of their heroin withdrawal symptoms.
Crack is another very addictive drug. People can get both physically anddrug10 psychologically addicted to crack.  The drug can cause physical problems such as heart and lung illnesses, depression and psychosis, when people lose the notion of what is or not real, or even death through an overdose.
These comorbidities cause a high burden to society and the individual. However, the less frequent but more severe mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia also have long associations with drugs introducing disastrous outcomes for individuals and their families.

Ordinarily, drug addiction must be treated as a mental illness. People affected, do not perceive their involvement, being highly recommended the participation of friends and family for applying the healing process.

drugs16It just happens when the patients wish for themselves to getting rid of the addiction, awakening their inner self and the force inside them, because their health and future may be at stake. Who looks inside, arouses.

Physical health is related to the lack of mental health. It means that most diseases are originated in the weakening of the mind and soul such as being depressed and discouraged, fails to convey to the body the vitality which emerges from energy.

People are always making decisions throughout the day such as what to eat, howdep20 to dress, what time to leave, and many others that are a part of their daily lives. Consequently, when they decide to change for the better honestly, family and friends must strengthen their mind willpower to eliminate what is not worth keeping inside of them.
The success on this redemption is upon the development and applying of the power of the subconscious mind knowing that the thought is the key to everything and when combined with action, it is a force capable of overcoming the most serious stumbling blocks and severe mental disorders.

drug16Just as individuals seek virtuousness in their lives, they can only triumph because they enlighten their existence. Reflecting upon their lives, they should not be ashamed to recognize their weaknesses. This way, people should confront them, understanding that when not conquered, they will hinder their soul and mind growth.



21 thoughts on “Drugs. Why?”

  1. Hello, Karl. You have a great website where you can help others who are addicted to various drugs.
    People would understand cause and consequences after usage of drugs.
    I guess that you write about cases in the USA. Of course it can be in Europe too, especially in Western part.
    I am from Northern Europe. For me these problems sound strange because we did not have time for drugs. College, University, job took time. We were glad to have time and money to travel or have fun with friends.
    Overall I do not know any Native tribe on the Earth who overused drugs.
    Something is wrong with communities, parents and educational institutions.
    I am sorry to these who can not rid from these habits. I wish that your website would help to find ways how to avoid these problems.
    All the best, Nemira.

    1. Hey, Nemira!

      I appreciated a lot your comments. In this post related to drugs, I wanted to express my worries about the drugs advance on the world in a general way. That is the reason I had put shocking pictures in that to enlighten people about the danger they are submitted mainly by young people who have been exposing their lives, this way bringing so much pain for themselves and their families when allowed on this unfortunate reality that takes place in many countries. As my website involves how to live in high style, I’m publishing many kinds of mental illnesses people should know how to avoid for having healthy lives. Many thanks for your great contribution. Feel free to keep in touch when you want. Cheers!

      Karl Madek

  2. Great post, Karl.
    I can’t agree with you more that family and friends play a crucial role during the healing process. During my clinical practice, I noticed that patients who have family support recovered more quickly than those who were just abandoned by their loved ones.
    I live in Saudi Arabia, and although drug trafficking carries a death penalty here, I still encounter quite a handful of people suffering from drug addiction, implying that people don’t mind risking their lives only to sell drugs to addicts.
    Your writing is a great way to educate people about the dangers of drug abuse and addiction. I hope this gets shared to reach a wider audience as much as possible.

  3. I am extremely disturbed to see that you are including Cannabis in this article! You are way off base with some things there. Can you site any studies to backup your connection between psychosis and marijuana?
    Please read this http://blog.norml.org/2016/11/14/study-medical-cannabis-use-associated-with-improved-cognitive-performance-reduced-use-of-opioids/

    I use CBD from Hemp medicinally and have for 5 years kicking opiates because of it!

    I have been smoking cannabis regularly for 50 years and have never been addicted to anything but the opiods that the medical comm unity gave me. I am so glad to be away from that.

    And in response to officials doing anything about the opiods laws .Things have changed drastically in the last 4 years and use is going down. Florida instituted a computer system to track every pill. Of course there is problems but that is due to the criminal segment and GREEDY doctors.

    Thanks for arousing me!


    1. Unfortunately Dennis, you’re partially off base with your statement referring to opioid use going down. Now that they’re starting to be more controlled, addicts are jumping to heroin and finding it much more satisfying. The high for the price is astounding compared to prescription opioids.

  4. My thoughts are that free speech is one thing, but if citing facts they need to be backed up. I’m afraid that Cannabis cannot be included with the drugs you are talking about. Did you know it was about to become completely, 100% legal in Canada, as it is in other areas? For good reason too, not just for casual use, but medicinal as well, and it is non addictive. I write a Fibromyalgia blog. Without pot, more lives would be in pain.

    1. Dear Michele,

      First off, I’d like to thank you for your constructive comments about my post related to drugs. Following, I need to say that this article is linked to drugs in a general way. Cannabis may be used as medicine, and it is employed in many countries as a good choice for some cases, as you can see at http://blog.norml.org/2016/11/14/study-medical-cannabis-use-associated-with-improved-cognitive-performance-reduced-use-of-opioids/
      and The New Gold Rush is the Green Rush!

      What I want to show on this post is the great tragedy that has taken people through an unbridled drug consumption worldwide. In Canada and other countries where there is a high cultural degree, it may be applied as medicament through appropriated dosage. In such countries, that is the right meaning they attach the things. It happens that for instance, in Brazil and countries from South America, Afrika and other continents, where the most people are poor and without culture, health, and don’t have developed technology, not only cannabis but many kinds of different drugs have been used freely and through an indiscriminate way, so that with this, many people and families lives have been disgraced for this terrible addiction. Moreover, this picture happens also in the rich countries. That’s the problem, and the number of people addicted has increased each time more. Before this situation, what could we do for getting the things better?
      I ask you to feel free to keep in touch anytime, and I’m very grateful for your contribution.

      Kind regards,
      Karl Madek

      On Saturday, April 22, 2017 3:13 AM, WordPress wrote:

  5. Karl,

    I just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. If you ever want some insight from an addict’s perspective, I’d be game for a Q&A.

    I became addicted to prescription opioids as a young teenager and have now been sober almost 3 years with the help of MAT. I used to think that it was a cop out and that I could never be sober until I was completely and totally drug-free, but now I’m more settled with it.

    For one, since my car accident in 2015 that left me partially crippled, my medication has been a lifesaver to keep me from trying to control myself with opiates. I’m scared of how that would end. My mind’s eye sees the worst, so I can’t take that chance. I’ve come way too far to risk losing everything now.

    1. Dear Ashley!

      Many thanks for your comments. I feel happy knowing that you agree with the drugs use report even experiencing that option due to the accident you were involved.I admire you for your courage and strong will power in solving the situation. I invite you to cast a glance on this website once in a while because always it may be possible I will keep it updated with subjects related to this issue. I wish you all the Best in your endeavors to keep clearing off any addiction.

      Onward and Upward,
      Karl Madek

  6. I think you would probably enjoy watching a documentary called “Prescription Thugs”. It basically shows how some of the drugs that pharmaceutical companies sell at an extremely high rate affect the general population and rates of addiction.
    It’s definitely an under-discussed topic in my opinion. More truthful education about the harmful and possibly positive side effects would make a world of difference, especially for younger people thinking about trying something for the first time.

    1. Hey, Dom!

      Many thanks for your constructive suggestion about this documentary. You are thoroughly right! The essence of a healthy lifestyle is inside each one. The real healing has not been taken through remedies, pills, and drenches. All these help to treat the effect, not the cause. When the illness and suffering are installed in the body, the first action we must take over for getting rid of them is to learn how to deal with the soul and mind processes being stronger inside since that caring for the body is not safe enough. Therefore telecasting of any program or advertisement containing any advice or suggestion that may mislead viewers to do or omit to do an act such as seek proper medical remedy for diseases or disorders, which is likely to result in serious harm, would undoubtedly be opposed to the concepts and standards ethic. A drug is a prescription only when medical professionals must supervise its use because patients are not able to use the drug safely on their own. Due to this, Congress laid out different requirements for prescription and non-prescription related to drugs. Underlying the debate are disagreements over the role of consumers in medical decision making, the appropriateness of users engaging in self-diagnosis, and the ethics of an industry promoting potentially dangerous drugs. Nowadays the medical and health industries have launched out every day new miraculous products promising well-being and health as though it were possible, that is, all great set of body ills may be allowed to have taken out quickly just using chemical substances. That is the great mistake from this fashionable world.

      Hope you may cast a glance at the website once in a while. Whenever possible, I try to keep it updated. Feel free to get in touch when you want. It will be a great pleasure to me. Wishing you all the best,

      Karl Madek

    1. Dear Travis,

      I appreciated your kind words. Through this website, I’ve been trying to present for everybody the importance of mastering our thoughts for good and the health, because we are what we think. Our thoughts travel all over in vibratory waves which are recorded in the infinite ocean of matter filling the Universe, and they are our channel of communication with it. The power of thought is the key to everything. We can become our lives better and more constructive knowing how to awaken this great force we all have within. It is time to do it!
      Feel free to keep in touch at any moment you want. It’s a great pleasure to me. I wish you the Best!

      Karl Madek

  7. Again, Stigma is an ugly discouraging fact among this site. Thoughts can change perspective but not cellular disease. To say I can be bipolar or addiction free because it is my choice is the most insulting comment you can make to a mental illness patient. Addiction is caused by many diseases themselves. Most of us self medicate since the medication prescribed isn’t correcting the illness entirely and we are unable to cope with present stimulus for our reactions. Doctors simply do not know what it is like to be bipolar and most do not realize that doing drugs is the only way of a closer functioning brain due to the chemical reaction of its introduction. Coming from a close knit family who suffers from extreme bipolar I first hand have a very clear understanding of its negative effects. Studies will find that such friends and family members in dealing with a bipolar are more educated on their behaviors. If we stopped telling all the addicts that they are weak, for one, would be a positive thing. It is about our hard walk on our own personal recovery that is essential to relieve the desire/need for self medicating with maintenance being the key. If the addict could live freely with the coping skills of a normal mindset, then it would be more possible to being sober. It is education that is the key to correcting our epidemic. To simply put our complete healing into claiming such outrageous claims would spiral our mental wellness to a feeling of guilt and shame. We are addicts because our brains are simply inept to function with our stressors in life. Not a lack of spirituality or society standards. In fact it tells me that if someone is in so much pain that have to turn to a law breaking lifestyle, then it really must heavily affect the addict. The abilities that are physically affected by our malfunction of our brain processes become warped. I became bipolar when I 35. I was sober for 10 years at that point and perfectly normal. Someone tried to literally kill me all of a sudden, resulting in my underlining hereditary mental disease laid dormant until that night. My controlled brain thoughts had nothing to do with it. It was my chemical make up that triggered a coping mechanism in my brain. I did not have a choice. I did not stay sober due to this factor. I was a good standing citizen with a full blown career and a happy family. I struggle every second not to choose addiction as a way of life, but found everyone is attached to something whether we acknowledge it based on man’s law or not. However all the mental illness sufferers are suffering on a much bigger scale then the “normal” person. Coffee, internet, sex, all the vices are everywhere are but yet the ones doing illegal ones are ALL guilty of being an addict, a criminal along with our morals compromised…..? This is simply not true.. Our flesh craves it for coping our flesh, if you will. One is not worse than the other simply because our government tells us it is. Drugs should be decriminalized across the board. There is no fingers to point, it is merely perspective. To think drug addiction is because we are weak or have detached spirits or weak will is absolutely wrong resulting in the promotion of total stigmatic thinking. Just because I was a drug user, I never compromised my upstanding morale in any actions there of. I do not lie, cheat, steal, commit crimes because I am addict for means of consumption. I did the doing to my own body from my own choice and I will be the first to humble myself and say I am an addict, but do I say I am not close to my higher power? No, I never would deny His Love. He made me like this for a reason. It is my struggle to learn from and to help others without judgement or blame. As a society we don’t blame those who have cancer, heart disease, or Parkinson’s, yet we don’t expect their thoughts alone to heal their flesh. Why is it that the brain seems to be such an available, controllable, and corrective behavior reaction been the eluded perspective a mental illness that is not a behavior or a reaction per say, but an actual malfunctioned fleshly organ that we have no choice over. If that were the case, there would not be death in the world due to disease of a general standing, would there To have no control of our actions at times is the disease itself. You make it sound like we can turn a disease on and off like a switch. Ya right…..

    1. Hey, Sara!

      Many thanks for your valuable and constructive feedback. The purpose of this website is not discouraging people but what has been addressed to them is that through healthy thoughts it is possible to improve their health changing old and morbid habits and beliefs by new and wholesome ones. People do not have mental illness because they want or desire to suffer, and usually, the patient may not feel when anything is wrong.
      Mental illnesses consist of a massive health problem worldwide, due to the increased rates of disability, including many times misdiagnosis, causing a delay in appropriate treatment and contributing to poorer prognoses. Looking for the healing, many people self-medicate themselves, and many get bad results, including addiction. Medical interventions for mental disorders comprehend many chemical compounds including antipsychotics, mood stabilizers, and antidepressants, which in the most cases involve severe risks to the patient health causing severe collateral effects.
      The success of mental illnesses’ treatment resides in a good environment at home through a wholesome collaboration of family, thinking with high and healthy way, all knowing the power of good thoughts. This aspect has always empathized since that friend, and family support is of essential importance for the healing process, is known that people, when submitted to mental treatment, live many times under drugs’ effects due to medical support or even self-medication.
      You said that people are an addict because their brains are inept to work out with stressors in the life. These stressors usually are disruptive agents created by the society through many ways. As you know, drug use and mental health concerns have many causes such as biological factors, family and social issues, lack of social support, as well as stress. These reasons may have a relevant role in inducing people to develop the drug and mental problems. I agree with you when you say that drug addiction is not due to be weak, have a detached spirit or weak will. This is stigmatic thinking not shown or referred to this website. The same way, it has not said that drug users are wrong or immoral people. There is no feeling guilty for saying addict people are wrong or scammers, it has not happened.
      What is presented in the drug article is that people need to be helped and known about how they and their families must do to get their most loved ones rid of such addiction. It has shown there how it is possible people acquire the dependence through the crowd at parties and bad company, and what can be made for confronting the problem. The intention is to present a picture related to what is happening worldwide and how this situation it is getting each time more serious for the population and next generations. Many times, the hidden enemy appears amongst friend groups through peer pressure from young people. Parents and authorities have the feeling that it is a trouble that is getting harder and expensive solution. The population needs to learn how to deal with such challenges that are beating the world through the penury reality existing in several spots and communities.
      The less frequent but more severe mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia also have long associations with drugs introducing disastrous outcomes for individuals and their families. That is the cause by which drug addiction must be treated as a mental illness. The society cannot avoid helping involved people and need to teach them how to turn their lives for the better. It should be done without judgment or blame, as you ever expressed. That is the point. Feel free to keep in touch at any moment you want. It always will be a great pleasure to me. Wish you the Best,

      Karl Madek

  8. Very good information sir. It’s tragic how easily someone can get pulled into addiction. My Uncle was an alcoholic when I was a lot younger. With help, determination, and strong coping tactics, he was able to break the chains and has been clean for almost 30 years. Still very proud of him! Thanks for posting!

    1. Hey, Mike!

      It’s always a great pleasure to know how drug involved people got rid of this terrible addiction. Usually, friends and family support are essential to reach this goal out. I congratulate you and yours for helping people like these to turn their lives for the better. That’s the way! I am extremely grateful to you for your valuable feedback. Wishing you all the Best,

      Karl Madek

  9. Hello, Karl,

    This would definitely be the site that I would recommend to any family members or friends of mine before I would suggest they go seek professional help. I have found that the information contained on this website to be very professional, honest in every aspect, throughout. Every opinion on all matters of illnesses and every single fact speak for themselves. With the Information here alone, an individual could actually do a self-diagnostic test on oneself because they know better than anyone about the symptoms they may be having, or going through and whats causing the issues they are facing or struggling with, better than any human being could possibly know. That is until the individual pays $2,500.00 for thirty minutes to an hour of therapy just to get a textbook opinion about their selves?This particular individual may not have the money to pay some doctor to tell them what they already know about one’s self.
    IT WAS I, JOSEPH GONZALES, that lent 100% of my honest opinion to all content and to the quality of the said website. Thank you Kindly for so many factual reads and I thank you for your personal Invite to this, YOUR WEBSITE. And I thank you for this opportunity given me here today. Thank you, Karl

    1. Hey, Joseph!

      You enlightened my day with your valuable feedback and true insight. Nowadays, many people feel lost in their lives, due to many questions such illnesses, violence, unemployment, and economic issues. That is the picture in which people live worldwide. The crescent way of mental disturbances is getting hazardous and threatening situations. Many families have suffered too much seeing their most loved ones immersed in problems involving drugs and bad habits. Sometimes, these situations get worse because people affected, do not perceive their involvement, being highly recommended the participation of friends, family, and medical assistance for applying the healing process.
      Healthy and wholesome thoughts help a lot the recovery of such patients, including salutary environment, vitally needed at home.
      Usually, it is of paramount importance may be given to affected people conditions to enhance their thoughts for the better, teaching them how to help themselves through the power they have within through their way of thinking. It is difficult, in fact, but not impossible. People are the outcome of their thoughts, attitudes, choices, and beliefs. That is the right way to get the health back, having more productive lives.
      Feel free to keep in touch when you desire. Wishing you the Best,

      Karl Madek

  10. Hey Karl,
    Thank you for sharing your posts. The pictures are very confronting and certainly don’t portray anything glamorous about taking drugs.
    It is something that affects many families from all walks of life all over the world. Appreciate your honesty in your thoughts.

    1. Dear Melanie,

      I am immensely grateful for your valuable feedback and helpful insight. In fact, as you know, people are getting degraded and sick, including in this abyss their families. It happens due to the use of the indiscriminate drug use in a universal way. The primary defense people may have to stay away from this melancholic reality consists in thinking big and bright. Healthy and wholesome thoughts become people stronger, turning them capable for the life’s struggles. That is the best way by which people may turn their lives around for the better. It is of capital importance to hold this alert state every moment because things happen when are less expected. Avoid thinking in the past; the most critical is the management of what people do at present, improving themselves for the future. Depressing and morbid ideas need to be discarded at any cost; they are open doors for the insanity.
      Many thanks for your support. Wish you the Best!

      Karl Madek

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