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The essence of a healthy lifestyle is inside each one. The true healing has not been taken through remedies, pills, and drenches. All these help to treat the effect, not the cause. When the illness and suffering are installed in the body, the first action we must take over for getting rid of them is to learn how to deal with the soul and mind processes being stronger suff1inside since that take care of the body is not itself enough. That is the great obstacle we all may see these days because the world as a whole is deeply plunged in a full state of disturbance and unwisdom that is affecting many people in a worldwide way in full extension generating many kinds of disorders in the human being.

The medical and health industries have launched out every day new miraculous products promising wellbeing and health as though it were possible, that is, all great set of body ills may be allowed to have taken out easily just using chemical substances. That is the great mistake from this fashionable world.

Those whose activity is claimed and aroused, almost ceaselessly, by a thousand different demands, who live annoyed and under depression, those are sickly individuals whose lives are seldom long and they add considerably to the numbers of people who see their physical health decreased.

The soul’s emotions, its depression, and discouragement, resulting from the numerous and lasting difficulties of daily life, are predisposing causes of somatic diseases due to the state of weakness and lack of energy of the body to react against the environment. In this category are included all the agents: physical, moral, or social, capable of changing the body and affect your physical health and destroying the physical suff2balance of a human being.

Since a good mental and physical health depends on a balanced life, then everyone should plan their work intelligently so that each task is carried out at the right moment. Work, recreation, and rest are three equally important prerequisites of physical and spiritual well-being. Everyone should follow a timetable that best suits his conveniences and the demands of work but should not neglect rest and recreation.

Life and health both are continuous and dynamic processes where each one is the mirror from the other. Recall it behavior such it has been evinced by the old adages “Mens sana in corpore sano” and “As above, so below”. People who don’t have goals in their lives are sadder, always pessimistic and depressed. They get easier subjected to be attacked by mental and physical illnesses. Taking action with the appropriated use of medicines and changing their thoughts for the better may become them stronger bringing health back

It is essential that people awake to this great and true acknowledgment of themselves as a compound of the soul, mind, and body intrinsically dependent among themselves. Such as this there are on the Universe just energy and matter through several shapes both states being connected to each other and this it is the Life Binomial by which the body that is matter has been led through the life by means of soul that is energy.

Avoid thoughts that cause nervousness and brings about irritation, intolerance, sf2thoughtlessness, and recklessness, which lead to deplorable psychic conditions and thus bad physical health. Therefore, nervousness needs to be kept under severe control because it is, among all agents of disturbance,

This site proposes new concepts of life and health knowing that when the body is not going on well and needs some kind of treatment due to illnesses and diseases, it just happens because the soul had ever got too much before such unbalanced state and the mind has not been worked right somehow. The body is the mirror of the soul.


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  1. It is so hard to get through to people when the are bombarded by so many external influences – their “friends” – the media – even the ads we watch. After years and years in weight loss – we spent so much effort trying to counter all those influences along with teaching proper eating and education them in what they were eating and the damaged it does. I hope your messages here get though to some of them. The drug issue is more destructive than overeating…in my opinion. Keep up your messages and help.J

    1. Dear Dave,

      I am very gratefully for your comments. You are right saying that people nowadays are extremely vulnerable to the miraculous health solutions promised by the media. Unfortunately, people think that the remedy for their illnesses is in using drugs and chemical substances. The humankind still has too much to learn and discover that the most disorders that afflict people can’t be healed with pills and drenches. They may help indeed but don’t reach the core of health problems, because they act just on the body, and such diseases are installed in mind. These kinds of disarranges constitute themselves in mental disturbances which need to be treated through the correct way of thinking. Through the power of vigorous thoughts, people take right decisions, know how to develop wisdom solutions, discovering and resolving the more complex life’s problems. With this outlook, they get the help they need realizing that the healing power is inside themselves and this inner force will allow them through an ongoing process, develop and create a new way to bring back the health and peace they are looking for. The body is the product of the mind in such way that people are the outcome from their choices and decisions taken along their lives. It happens because what people think upon, that they become.
      I quite agree with you that drugs are more destructive than overeating. In fact, they are much more worse, since drugs destroy the willpower, weaken and devastate the physical body. The healing process is inside people themselves and can not be found in any kind of addiction.
      I invite you to cast a glance in the website once in a while. I am looking for to keep it updated with new reports always it is possible.

      Wish you all the best,
      Karl Madek

  2. Hello Karl,
    People are so bombarded with information, and many of it is in fact misinformation. One day something is, ‘good for the body’, a few years later, it’s allegedly harmful for the body.

    Coupled with life’s numerous challenges, people are overwhelmed and are seemingly getting weaker in their resolve to be the best they can be. They are looking for answers, this is shown by the number of people using search engines daily.

    And as you say, we are looking outside, not knowing the truth that life is an inside-out thing. Reality is within and the outside is merely a reflection of it. So, all changes must take place within.

    Keep stating it, some will eventually hear and see it for themselves.


    1. Hey, EJ!

      Many thanks for your comments. You’re right! People need to start over to be able to face the issues in their life knowing that they have this power within themselves. Involved by what’s going on daily, we forget that the essence of a healthy lifestyle is inside each one. Through vigorous and wholesome thoughts, people may develop a shield to get them rid of illnesses, making things better. Since a good mental and physical health depend on a balanced life, then everyone should plan their life intelligently, through a regular thought’s management for the good and right.
      I invite you to cast a glance at the website once in a while. Let’s move toward a better life!

      Wishing you all the Best,
      Karl Madek

  3. It is crazy how our emotions affect our health! We dull these down with drugs and medication. The drugs we take suppress our feelings and is honestly just postponing the inevitable. By being mentally healthy, we are physically healthy most of the time. Great article!

    1. Dear Patrick,

      I’m immensely grateful for your comments. You’re quite right. The true essence of a wholsome life is within ourselves. We all have inside this healing power. It resides in our thoughts, because these are the source of the health and illnesses in our physical body. Thoughts set up real environmental climates which promote good health or disease, joy or sorrow, success or failure, well or ill-being. Since a good mental and physical health depends on a balanced life, then everyone should plan their work intelligently so that each task is carried out at the right moment. The true healing has not been taken through remedies, pills, and drenches. All these help to treat the effect, not the cause. Work, recreation, and rest are three equally important prerequisites of physical and spiritual well-being, as expressed in the “Living with Health” article. Mental disorders are perhaps the most distressing woes of humanity. At first sight, many people are considered mentally healthy, yet they suffer from some kind of disturbance. Life and health both are continuous and dynamic processes where each one is the mirror from the other, because as a rule, good health and longevity are found among individuals who are calm, orderly and patient, who follow a regular pattern of life.
      I invite you to cast a glance at website once in a while because I’ve been looking for keeping it updated despite the short time I have allowable for. Feel free to keep in touch always you want. It will be a great pleasure to me. I wish you all the Best.

      Karl Madek

  4. I am very impressed with your website, so full of helpful information for your readers. I will share you website with my friends who will be interested in your articles, I plan to visit your website often for your new health information

    Thank You

    1. Hey, Jeff!

      Many thanks for your kind words. The most significant problem of human beings is the unknown of what is going on in their lives themselves. We all are a compound of matter and energy, it being the same that the physical body and the soul. Through healthy thoughts, we may have raised our inner force and vitality keeping the physical free of illnesses and maladies. It happens because our thoughts are the critical point of a wholesome life. We are the outcome of our thoughts, feelings, and choices. Among other soul qualities, the power of thinking is one of the most important. The thought is a soul vibration, the manifestation of intelligence, spiritual energy. The best defense we all have against this vast quantity of mental disorders occurring worldwide is to learn how to use our thoughts to having a good and healthy life. It’s essential that at their home all the families know how to manage this high power they have within, being this procedure the best for protecting their most loved ones.
      Feel free to get in touch when you desire. I wish you all the Best,

      Karl Madek

  5. I truly believe that our health is our biggest asset in life. And I agree with you here that, life and health both are continuous and dynamic processes. We can’t be our best self when are sick and we can’t fulfill our purpose if we are not well physically and emotionally.

    1. Dear Alona,

      Many thanks for your constructive feedback. You’re quite right! Our physical and emotional status all are the outcome of our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions, for the good and the bad. That’s the Universal Law, being this a very dynamic process. Thinking means reasoning, creating images, conceiving ideas, building for the present and the future. Through thoughts and thus the power of thinking, the man makes decisions, creates solutions, discovers and resolves life’s problems. Like sound and light, thoughts and ideas travel all over in vibratory waves which are recorded in the infinite ocean of matter filling the Universe.
      Feel free to keep in touch when you want. I wish you all the Best,

      Karl Madek

  6. Again insulting. So we imagined our disease, not disorder, that isn’t hereditary, scientific or we are unbalanced? And we make our own miracles! Stigma topped off with blasphemy, sounds so delightful!

    1. Dear Sara!

      Many thanks for your comments. My purpose is not to offend or insult people. I just am expressing some information I understand are correct and healthy for people involved themselves and their families with some disturbances. All the articles shown on this website have this exclusive goal. There is no other interests imbed on them, and all the content published so far have as the principle to contribute to present wholesome tools to be applied for who judges it is possible to make things better for all of us. Beyond all, I am quite aware of the achievements of medical science and respect it for all the endeavors addressed to turn healthier the people’s lives. Just that is the point. Wish you the Best,

      Karl Madek

  7. Good information. This website is a much needed thing in today’s world. Simply reading the info here might direct someone to take a look at what they could be doing to themselves, and take action. Well Done!

    1. Hey, Carolyn!

      I am incredibly grateful for your kind insight and valuable support. Turning to the better the people’s lives is the primary purpose of this website. For reaching this, it is necessary to take action, as you said. I invite you to cast a glance in the site once in a while. Feel free to get in touch when you desire. Wish you the Best,

      Karl Madek

  8. Your site is wonderful and very informative that is a great idea. I really enjoyed reading it. I also have Bipolar Disorder II. I have had it since my early twenties. I was pretty messed up in the beginning but now I am straight. I am on the right medications and I am fine. Thank you for having a website like this it is a wonderful tool to have. You did a great job on this site.

    1. Dear Mary,

      Many thanks for your constructive comments. The most of these disorders may be healed through the right use of wholesome thoughts. The medical sciences help, but many times the change of limiting beliefs and habits are essential for the healing process because we all are the outcome of our choices, thoughts, patterns, and actions. So, we need to get alert to what is going on inside ourselves. Family and friends may help a lot in such procedure generating good and healthy environment at home, bringing back the health and peace for their most loved ones. I appreciated your kind and valuable insight. Wish you the Best!

      Karl Madek

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