The Healing Process and the Power of Thought

ppos114We live in a world where has been given extreme importance to the matter, including in this idea the way we may heal many illnesses and diseases attacking the physical body.

It is very healthy to know that the physical body does not exist alone on this trajectory through the life. There is a soul inside, and many insist on disdaining this true reality. It happens that if the body has any kind of physical disturbance usually it needs to get rid of such painful through a healing process with medicines and drugs used in the treatment, acting in prevention and diagnosis of such disorders for enhancing physical and mental well-being and it many times does not work itself, because the illness is installed in the soul, not in the body.

The absence of knowledge about the energy and matter is many times a great barrier to getting the physical body the healing it needs. Because when we are posit4sick, too much earlier the soul has got this disturbance and the outcomes from this issue are shown on the body as a result of what is going inside.

It means that while people insist on treating maladies just by using material remedies and drugs, it occurs that without any apparent reason the state of health is not reached. The very compound of the human being is through energy or soul and physical body.

As very well shown up by Anthony Robbins on his international bestseller “Awaken the Giant Within”, only the application of this intelligent knowingness will make people comprehend that this is the best way to control our physical, mental and emotional lives, simply using the power of our reason.

Our brain allows people achieve virtually anything we want. Its capacity is almost unfathomable, and the most of us know too little about how this wonderful mechanism works. Commonly the brain eagerly awaits for our command, read to carry out anything you ask of it and all it requires is just a small amount of fuel: the oxygen in your blood and a little of glucose. Due to its intricacy and power, the brain defies our greatest modern technology being capable of processing up to 30 billion bits of information per second, the equivalent of 6.000 miles of wiring and cabling, through 28 billion neurons acting through an amazing network of 100.000 miles of nerve fibers. This brains3wonderful frame was created through the natural laws of the Universe and this knowledge that can not be ignored may be applied to improve our lives on a progressive scale. The greater trouble in our lives us is that people need to know how to take advantage of this fantastic resource we all have inside, through the development of reason, doing the right choices. Unfortunately, this great and true principle of life is not still incorporated within ourselves, and we can not have a healthy life to the fullest.

Thinking means reasoning, creating images, conceiving ideas, building for the present and future. Through thought and thus the power of thought, the human being makes decisions, creates solutions, discovers and solves life’s problems. Like sound and light, thought travels all over in vibratory energetic waves from the soul which are recorded in the infinite ocean of matter filling the Universe. The power of thought is the key to everything. A thought remains connected to its source as long as the feeling that generated it persists. Thoughts set up real environmental climates which promote good health or disease, joy or sorrow, success or failure, well or ill-being.

Thoughts act as a vital force, the most vital, subtle and irresistible power that exists in the universe. The world of thoughts is more real relatively than this physical universe. Thoughts are almost living things. Mind assumes the form of anything it contemplapeople1tes. When you think of an object, your mind shapes itself into the form of that object. When you change your thoughts, your mind also changes its shape. Many transformations continually arise in the mind. And the healing process may be got and developed through the powerful of positive thinking being this the key for having a healthy and productive life.

4 thoughts on “The Healing Process and the Power of Thought”

  1. Hello, Karl
    I think and believe that thoughts are living things and not almost living things.
    Thoughts are carriers of the blueprint of the reality and of the spiritual energy to transform that blueprint.
    When we speak through faith we release that spiritual energy to transform that blueprint.
    I wish you all the best in your search for the truth.

    1. Dear Nelson,

      First off, I am hugely happy with your comments about the healing process. I have to say that I agree thoroughly with your position. Thoughts are things. Through them, we may have healthy and productive lives or weaken and sick lives. Through our wholesome thoughts, it is possible we live without fear, facing the problems with courage and vigor, in a bravery way.
      We are responsible for our choices, and we are what we think. I invite you to go to my website once in a while. I hope to put in it many healthy ideas and wholesome content. Let’s go ahead! Wish you all the best.

      Kind regards,
      Karl Madek

  2. I believe that one of the main problems regarding health and healing, relates to the fact that most people refuse to take responsibility for their own state of health. With inappropriate diet and little or no exercise, at the first sign of an ache or pain, they rush for chemical based ‘cures’. As with most problems, the long term answer lies in education. Your site should be able to contribute to this over future years.

    1. Dear John,

      I’m immensely grateful to you for your comments on my post about the healing process. It makes me happy. You’re right when referring to the large lack of responsibility on the ongoing accruement of health problems on people. As you said, the healing process only may come true when people know how to think big for having healthy lives, and indeed this process just starts when education is applied to the resolution of all problems in people lives, being kept for this a high thought standard based on the principles of honor and honesty. When people have good thoughts supported for healthy feelings and adopt a correct and decent way of living, they don’t have lazy time to spend with illnesses and the great variety of addictions that weaken the willpower and destroy their physical body.
      We all know that in our lives nothing happens by chance and we all are the result of our choices along the life. It is a law of Universe, and there is not any human being capable of changing it. We are what we think. If we think of health, force and vigor we may live strong without fear of illnesses. However when we think of sicknesses and diseases all the time it is not possible for us to have a robust and healthful life. The lack of education and knowledge about the life truth become us unhappy, weak and sick human beings.
      Many thanks for our review. I ask you to cast a glance on the website once in a while. I have too much to add on that. Wish you all the best!

      Onward and upward,
      Karl Madek

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