The Power of Healing

cura3All of us should have the consciousness to know and perceive that the Universe being immeasurably the way we know and see it just as ourselves is a compound of two essential entities in a way that one can be seen – the matter, the other one can be felt – the energy. These two are joined one acting up and on the other. Better saying, the active element being the energy or force exerting its power on the inactive element, the matter. And the life on matter is got from the constant energy applying in atoms and molecules that compound the matter.

When our physical body is in unhealthy conditions the cause is found on the acting force that works on this body so called for any as soul. It means that when the body is sick, the soul has ever before this kind of disorder acting upon the body. It is common to say that our body is a mirror of our soul being it a great reality of facts.cura5

While people are looking for the healing of their diseases only on physical bodies, they will be stuck in the unknown, because these illnesses have their origins inside themselves, in the soul. The Power of Healing has not being kept on the physical intellectual knowingness but just in the inner mind of each one. That highly means the motto “Mens sana in corpore sano”.

All of us should keep the focus to help people to be healed and cope with physical and mental pain because the relation between mind and body is very intimate such that when one is affected, the results are perceived in the other. Many people who are sick today could have healthy lives if they used in ppos1a positive way the great power contained in strong, clear and well-oriented thoughts.

For the recovery of the physical body is essential to think with confidence, in order to produce internal changes that may release the mind from our limiting beliefs. Through this behavioral shift, health will be restored, often to the detriment of certain genetic influences in our lives and even those of our descendants who will share this happiness.

8 thoughts on “The Power of Healing”

  1. This is so true. We must learn how to control our powerful minds to end pain and suffering in our lives. I love articles like this. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hey, Tee!

      I got happy with your words. I appreciated a lot your feedback! In fact, our thoughts are the key to create a right or wrong life for ourselves. Since a deficiency in physical health, is mostly related to the lack of mental health, that means that most diseases are originated in the weakening of the mind which, depressed and discouraged, fails to convey to the body the vitality which emerges from energy. I ask you to cast a glance at the site once in a while. I intend to update it always regularly. Feel free to keep in touch at any moment.

      Wishing you all the Best,
      Karl Madek

  2. Hi Karl,
    This holds so much truth…thank you for sharing. If only everyone could understand the importance of their own energy. We could do a lot of wonderful things for one another and our world.

    Wishing you Well,

    1. Hey, Nalani!

      I appreciated a lot your comments! You enlightened my day! We live in a world where the matter has great importance. People forget that what is matter is temporary. It gets old. The true value in our lives resides in our mind and soul. They are the force and endless energy moving our body. It’s the power all of us have inside. Through this active and influential agent, we may face and overcome the troubles, fears, and illnesses in our lives. I believe that at any moment, people may awaken this giant within.
      I ask you to visit the site once in a while. Feel free to keep in touch when you want. It will always be a pleasure to me!

      Wishing you all the Best,
      Karl Madek

  3. This is very educational to me. I have noticed when I keep myself healthy and exercise I feel really great about myself. When I am lazy I feel down and feel like I am wasting time. I also feel that you can make yourself feel better by exercising and clearing your mind of negativity.


    1. Hey, Mike!

      Many thanks for your comments. It happens that the essential condition for living a healthy life is to have wholesome thoughts. Thoughts are soul’s vibrations, the manifestation of intelligence, and spiritual power. A thought remains connected to its source as long as the feeling that generated it persists. Through the power of thought, the man makes decisions, creates solutions, discovers and resolves life’s problems. Like sound and light, thoughts travel all over in vibratory waves which are recorded in the infinite ocean of matter filling the Universe. That’s the high power we all have within, and most people don’t know. Thought precedes action. Therefore, all dignified or undignified actions are the result of dignified or undignified thoughts.
      Feel free to keep in touch when you want. Wishing all the Best for you,

      Karl Madek

    1. Dear Blanka,

      I thank you so much for your feedback. In fact, the subconscious mind acts in a very subtle way. However, it may become people stronger or weaker depending in both cases on their limiting beliefs. People should learn how to awake the Healing Power they have within. Through healthy and wholesome thoughts it is possible to get it. That’s the way!
      Wish you all the Best,

      Karl Madek

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